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Please review the proper service procedure 
and read about the Evictions process
before serving any notice to a tenant.

Please click on a link below to download the 
form you need.

Five Day Notice 
     Use this when you have an ordinary non-payment of rent issue with a tenant.  (NOTE: Do not accept partial payments or your right to evict the tenant may be waived for that month.)
Thirty Day Notice 
    Use this when you have any of the following:
1. A month to month lease with the tenant
                        2. No signed lease with the tenant
                        3. Your lease requires a 30 day notice at the end of the lease term

Abandonment Notice 
    Use this notice only when the property appears abandoned AND the rent is unpaid for more than 10 days. 
(NOTE: You may not enter the property. Your judgment that the property is abandoned should be based solely on outside appearance).

If you have questions or a situation that may require a different type of notice, please call our office at 480-460-4330 and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you and provide you with the proper form.

If you would like to use a Process Server to serve your notices, we use and recommend Wolfgang Process Service, (480) 626-3618.
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